A4f – Simplifying, multiplying and dividing algebraic fractions

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Skills check: equivalent representations

Part 1 – Simplifying algebraic fractions

Links to past exam questions

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Part 2 – Multiplying algebraic fractions

Part 3 – Dividing algebraic fractions

In the real world

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What next?
Manipulating algebraic fractions is a skill required in some of the trickiest algebra questions in the GCSE. For example, you have to use this skill (together with expanding and factorising) to make x the subject of the following:

\( \dfrac{x+1}{x+3} = t\)

Remember, that the principles are the same as for numerical fractions, so if you have a really good understanding of N2b – Applying the four operations to fractions, you should be in a good position. These lessons also follow on from this one: