Resources for Sixth-form mathematics

This is a relatively new section of the site, and as such is still growing. The resources here are not designed to substitute for a good textbook—which most sixth-formers tend to have access to anyway. The content here instead centres around dynamic interactive applets with three main purposes in mind:

  • conveying concepts more clearly than is possible with static diagrams on a page or a slide;
  • offering several question generators that can be used in class to develop fluency e.g. through use of guidance fading, material for mini-whiteboard or oral questioning; and
  • providing step-by-step procedural guides for students.

Pure Mathematics resources


  1. Gradient of a line passing through two points
  2. Limits
  3. Differentiation from first principles
  4. Differentiating expressions of the form \(kx^n\) with respect to \(x\)
  5. The gradient at a point on a curve
  6. Tangents and normals


  1. Introduction to matrices
  2. Adding and subtracting matrices
  3. Multiplying matrices
  4. 2 × 2 Matrices and linear transformations
  5. Determinants of 2 × 2 matrices
  6. Inverses of 2 × 2 matrices
  7. Invariant points and lines in 2 dimensions
  8. 3 × 3 Matrices and linear transformations
  9. Determinants of 3 × 3 matrices
  10. Inverses of 3 × 3 matrices
  11. Matrices and simultaneous equations

Mechanics resources

Newton’s Laws

  1. Newton’s Laws and elevators

Statistics resources

The binomial distribution

  1. Visualising the binomial distribution