Maths at home

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The resources here are intended to support KS4 students during the summer term of 2020. Each week, we will release a set of resources on a broad topic, covering several component topics. Students will be able to:

  • practise as many questions as they like across a range of difficulty levels,
  • check answers, and
  • access video support covering each variant of question.

Factors, multiples, and primesAvailable now
Algebra: simplifying expressions, substitution, expanding, and factorisingAvailable now
Solving equationsAvailable now
Solving simultaneous equationsAvailable now
FunctionsAvailable now
Rounding and boundsAvailable now
Coordinates and linesAvailable now
SequencesAvailable now
Proportional reasoning8 June 2020
Angles15 June 2020
Perimeter, area, volume22 June 2020
Pythagoras and trigonometry29 June 2020
Probability6 July 2020
Statistics13 July 2020